9 minutes movie, with one film character "Le Guerrier" (the Warrior), symbolised by 9 painted wood Totems 

These Totems, according to their layout, represent the various Guerrier 'states of mind along the journey to discover his true nature and the harmony

The Collective

One filmmaker, Jean Garcin, one photographer Ola Klebanska and one painter Mathilde Dauguet. 

We share the same abstract and geometrical creation, a same free and engager art, a same optimistic and humanist thought 

Layout Intuition

Layout Harmonie

Layout Choix

Art Box Le Guerrier 

(3 Ltd Ed.)

Le Guerrier Movie is presented in an artistic box, designed as a game box. 

Made in Beechwood & Ebony, this Art Box lets you create the various layouts of the movie.

Hidden below the game board, 2 numbered prints of the Movie  and the Guerrier Manual


The Guerrier Card

In his search for Harmony, Le Guerrier has to face the perpetual change. 

This change is for us, as an endless cycle that is marked by 3 main steps, the 3 movie's chapters : Blind consciousness, Original Fight and First Freedom

These 3 steps are subdivided in 3 stages. The 9 layout of Totems are represented on this card.

And the 10th layout represents the Time.

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